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Magnetic Analysis Corp. (MAC)

The Test of Time

MAC provides instruments, systems and solutions that are recognized by engineers and manufacturers as THE standards for nondestructive testing.This campaign ran in journals and online publications that gave readers instant access to more in-depth product information.Typography, graphics and messaging were conceived to be simple and bold so they could be quickly understood in different languages and cultures.
This simplicity of design made the campaign a fluid, translatable concept for the company’s website relaunch, product catalogs, YouTube videos and social media posts.It also anchored several trade shows and conferences including major international exhibitions such as the one shown here in Dusseldorf, Germany.

EuroWire Ezine JUL-AUG2019.png
W&CA March:April 2019 Ezine Ad Opt 1.png
W&C Asia Half Page Isl-JULY 2019.png
MAC Booth Dusseldorf 2018 Bokeh.png
Dusseldorf 2018_CU.jpg
Dusseldorf 2018_003_edited.jpg

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